Sustainable Agriculture

REP is striving to promote sustainable agriculture for rural isolated communities within Rwenzori region. The initiatives are aimed at improved food access, nutrition as well as ensuring food security, income and general livelihood for rural farmers especially women living with HIV/AIDS. Each project initiatives undertaken for sustainable agriculture seek to build capacity, confidence and opportunities for communities for increased productivity for income generation. Farmers are taught agricultural practices and business skills to grow their vegetable gardens, vanilla gardens, cocoa gardens, coffee plantations and bee keeping activities into profitable ventures. We have also started the school garden initiatives where small school gardens are being created in needy schools within the region. This initiative helps to provide food/meals to students as well as act as reference learning center for students. Teachers at schools use the project activities to enhance their teaching, integrating hands-on learning into their curriculum to promote curiosity and creativity. The initiative transforms grass root community schools into a place for innovation, as school students, teachers and community farmers alike gain practical knowledge i.e. how to use irrigation systems to maintain crops during dry seasons and also hone their capacity for critical thinking, becoming better equipped to respond to a changing natural environment.
Please join and support to end hunger and famine wile attaining environment dignity


  • Sensitize and train rural women farmers on improved farming methods
  • Encourage group formation and knowledge sharing while ensure environmental integrity through sustainable farming
  • Carryout field fellow ups at grass root farmer communities and schools
  • Continuous application of newly researched organic farming methods for increased productivity
  • Create market access linkages for harvest products for the farmers.
  • Offer micro finance loans to linked farmers to enhance on their productivity and profitability from the sales